Solution Focused Teams: Facilitating Team Action & Change

It is not training, it is not outdoor activities, it is not coaching, it is solution focused teams!

A unique combination to help YOUR TEAM accelerate change SMOOTHLY, conceived and realized by professional coaches-facilitators!

What does it do to your team?

  • It puts the team in a program where members face each other, interact, think & CREATE QUICKER PROGRESS

  • It gives the team AMPLE OPPORTUNITY for focused interactions, discussions, thinking, communication

  • It offers A TECHNIQUE for working on team’s solutions and next steps

  • It involves EVERYONE, including the leader

  • It offers the OBJECTIVE VIEW of the external coaches/facilitators , in service of the team.

What is the CONTENT it deals with?

In 3 simultaneous dimensions

  • Individual Team member: Self-awareness, Commitment & accountability, Assertiveness, Out of the Box thinking & other relevant topics

  • Team members in relation: Open feedback, Giving Clear Messages, Toning up our Listening skills

  • The Team as a whole: Visualizing the Future & how we want to work, Discovering Team Strengths, agreeing on Rules, Thinking up of Solutions & Goals, following an action plan & committing to it.

Why is it innovative?

  • Because it is REAL: a platform for real feelings, impressions, thoughts and solutions (no politics, no faking if you want a result)

  • Because it brings TEAM STRENGTHS to THE SURFACE (does not try to “fix” things)

  • Because it is FUN, despite the seriousness of its goals

When is it suitable?

  • When teams are NEW: because of a merge, a new leader, new team members, a new situation.

  • When teams want to make a FRESH START!

What are the Deliverables expected?

  • Focus Group: setting the baseline & reporting to the leader on STARTING POINT

  • 2-day Solution Focused Team workshop: full of real interaction, tools & team games to START THE ACTION

  • Team Check-in: TO SHARE PROGRESS and put down next steps after 2-3 months

  • Coaching the leader & individual team members: TO SUPPORT each one through change

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